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Natuurwandelingen met Freya Gledhill

Natuurwandelingen met Freya Gledhill

About me – My background is in Environmental Sciences and my interest in herbalism grew from studying plant ecology and being curious about the history and traditional uses of the plants that I was looking at. On moving to Portugal in 2006 I began to find out the local stories behind the familiar and unfamiliar species that I found growing here. Living off-grid in a very rural area has encouraged me to explore home remedies and home-made toiletries as simpler, healthier and more natural alternatives to conventional medicine and chemical products. I enjoy sharing my experiences with other people and hope to inspire them to have a go themselves.

Guided Nature Walk – this is a gentle walk, during which we will see a variety of plants and talk about their traditional and modern uses. Some have important commercial value in Portugal, such as the cork tree and olive tree, whilst others have a long history of use in herbal medicine both locally and across Europe.

Cost €15 per person, minimum 2 participants. Duration 2-3 hours


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